The quality of process water required for industrial purposes varies from customer to customer, ranging from ones who want to keep their equipment and sites clean to ones from the food industry. The two factors that are important to our customers are continuity and low investment and operating costs.

That is why Mienis supplies a wide variety of systems, ranging from simple deferrisation and water softening systems to systems that purify water to its purest form. In such a market, it is essential to get the right advice and that is where we can help.

Steam boilers and cooling towers

Steam boilers and cooling towers require special attention as the formation of steam causes the remaining water to be concentrated by evaporation. Salts and lime form deposits on the wall of the boiler/cooling tower. In order to prevent this, chemicals are added to the water and water is discharged at regular intervals. This process uses a lot of water as well as considerable energy.

Our systems provide you with exceptionally high quality, cost-effective water while you save on the amount of water you discharge and also benefit from using significantly less chemicals as a result.

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