Untreated water is too hard and contains too much calcium carbonate for use in laundries. Our membrane systems filter water, which means that they are able to remove almost all of the salts, lime and other harmful substances contained within it, leaving you with exceptionally high quality, cost-effective water while you save on the amount of chemicals you use.

The steam boilers used by laundries require special attention as the formation of steam causes the remaining water to be concentrated by evaporation. Salts and lime form deposits on the wall of the boiler. In order to prevent this, water is discharged at regular intervals. This process uses a lot of water as well as considerable energy, which is required to heat the water.

Another problem is caused by salt accumulating in the textiles which can lead to an increase in the steam consumption of the mangles, amongst other things.

Our reverse osmosis system provides an effective solution to that problem.

Mienis Waterzuivering supplies various water treatment systems, which include membrane filtration, water softeners, waste water purification and also water recycling.

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